7 Key Elements Of Great UX Design by Eva V

You’ll now get the best career advice, industry insights and UX community content, direct to your inbox every month. Plus, the cartoon of the cart at the top of the pop-up adds a level of whimsy and joy to the experience that’s in-line with the Threadless brand and makes the experience more fun. Good UX is unnoticeable most of the time, although a feeling of relief and easiness when completing a task or using a service are positive indicators. We briefly mentioned Duolingo earlier and likened its gamification to that of Headspace, however, Duolingo takes gamification to a whole new level in their UX design. However, it’s not their branding alone that’s doing them favors; it’s the way they deliver it—through innovative UX design and copy. A PwC survey of 15,000 consumers found that one in three consumers will leave a brand they love after one bad experience.

While good UX design is subjective, your goal is to create a positive user experience by using a human-centered approach. Your user’s experience needs to be consistent, error-free, and flexible. Net Solutions employs experienced in-house experts in UX and UI who can bring your website, commerce platform, or mobile app to life. We utilize the best practices and methodologies during our entire design process to help drive revenue and boost ROI. Once users sign up for the app, they’re taken to a demo document filled with pre-generated text.

H&M: example of great navigation in UX

These vary in commitment length and level of expertise upon receipt of the certificate. There are plenty of higher education courses available around the world, though they typically require a four-year undergraduate design curriculum as a prerequisite. Think of a prototype as the final draft of your product or website before the coding begins.

What is a good UX design?

Good UX design means thinking like a user and providing a clear pathway to aid users in achieving goals when interacting with the product.

As technology expands, so does the need for user experience (UX) design. Companies around the globe are looking to improve their customer’s digital experience, and great UX design can make a difference. Here we look at the top three examples from global companies 36 Clever Riddles Fun, Hard and IMPOSSIBLE! that have nailed UX design. Todoist have a wealth of features to help people manage their personal or team tasks. The app is easy to navigate, drag and drop-friendly and gives you that ingrained sense of gratification when you cross a task off a to-do list.

How to write a UX case study

The end-of-year wrapped stories are successful, with 60 million people in 2021 sharing their version. You should simplify the actions a user takes to complete a goal. A SaaS that sells directly to consumers can have a different experience than B2B.

good ux design

Duolingo is a language-learning website and mobile app that offers lessons for every level of expertise. So how do they meet the user needs of such a diverse learner base? https://g-markets.net/software-development/understand-all-about-asp-net-mvc/ A friendly owl mascot and round, approachable typography welcome users into a quick quiz that tailors the experience to each user’s goals and level of knowledge.

What is user experience (UX) design?

Well, this online store, at a glance, is visually appealing and easy to navigate, with a clear hierarchy that allows users to easily find the clothing products they are looking for. However, a greater emphasis on UX can be on the responsive version because more of the audience accesses the website from mobile devices. One of the key features of the Zappos website is the use of high-quality images and videos to showcase clothes or shoes. In such projects, the focus is often on the visual part – UI, and UX itself is left behind. So it’s hard to talk about the good inspiration for a UX designer here. We can find much more valuable content in the case of studies from well-known UX agencies or even on the websites of companies considered to be at the forefront of user experience.

  • Here is an example of a prototype a UX designer might work on for an app.
  • The search field design across the top of the homepage is immediately recognizable without being visually overpowering.
  • Once you understand what the problems are, you can solve for them.

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